Biotechnology as a career option in India

The most important aspect of Biotechnology nowadays is the scope of Biotechnology and the job prospects after studying Biotechnology. Biotechnology being a diverse field is a combination of different fields and domains like microbiology, genetics, food biotechnology, immunology, Bioinformatics, enzyme engineering, Bioprocess engineering, Fermentation technology and more. Various different tools and techniques are used. Biotechnology …

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What is Biotechnology?- Definition, applications and scope

Since the earliest agricultural settlements, people have been utilizing biological processes to enhance their quality of life. Humans first used microorganisms’ biological processes to manufacture bread, alcoholic beverages, cheese, and preserve dairy goods some 6,000 years ago. However today’s definition of biotechnology, which was originally used to refer to the molecular and cellular technologies that …

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Regional Center for Biotechnology inviting admission to MS-PhD Programme 2023

About Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Faridabad,  an institution of national importance, created by an Act of Parliament, has announced PhD Admission for 2023. RCB has a strong commitment to exploring new frontiers, furthering science and connecting revolutionary areas of Biotechnology through cutting-edge research.

BIOTECHNOLOGY – Field of possibilities

Biotechnology, a blend of biology & technology, it is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicines, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control i.e. biotechnology deals with the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make …

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