NRI Scientist Co-Founded a PAN India Health Tech Startup: Neucrad Health Hub India

Neucrad Health Hub India LLP, a new digital healthtech startup, is adding its android version of telemedicine app in the market. Neucrad Health Hub aims to provide high quality, approachable, and pocket-friendly digital health care services for all residents of India. Their mission is to provide affordable, value based, precise, extensive digital health management which will entitle users to make focused and informed health related decisions. Its customer services are committed to help general people in navigating their requirements with values and empathy. Neucrad Health Hub opens up limitless possibilities for a route which will lead everyone to a happier and healthier life. Currently, the telemedicine platform is registering physicians across India and its live services will be available from April’ 2022.

Dr. Biswarup Ghosh
PhD, Biochemist and Neuroscientist

Co- Founder of Neucrad  Health Hub India LLP
(Currently working in USA as a senior research investigator)

In addition of telemedicine platform, the startup recently inaugurated its outpatient’s clinic and laboratory services at the founder’s birthplace, a village named Machalandapur at Burdwan East district of state West Bengal, of the founders.

“If you survey throughout the rural India you may find more than 90% pharmacies having physicians’ chamber don’t have any dedicated latrine for patients. No drinking water is available there. No sitting chairs are being provided to the patients. Neucrad clinic may stand as a role model in the rural area.” – said Dr. Ghosh.

Dr. Biswarup Ghosh, PhD, a neuroscientist and biochemist in US, co-founded the startup with his brother, Anup Kumar Ghosh, and his mother, Bilwarani Ghosh. Dr. Ghosh is very popular in social media for his health literacy campaigns specially in Bengali and English languages to enrich general people since years.

“During second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India, we introduced free telemedicine services with the help of several empathetic physicians. Hundreds of patients and families got benefitted through the services. Our team along with some volunteers helped people during the crisis by connecting them with the resources of oxygen, ambulances, medicines, blood, and beds in hospitals”, – said Anup kumar Ghosh, CEO of Neucrad Health Hub India.

“In rural India, health services are being compromised due to several issues including

1) non availability of sufficient experienced specialists (Physicians) in rural area.

2) limitation of ethical mindsets of some health care providers who want to keep patients even if the disease indications are beyond of their expertise.

3) poor health literacy among general people” – said Dr. Ghosh.

He mentioned Neucrad health startup will not only provide PAN India telemedicine services, it is also focused to develop health literacy among general people. He mentioned that NC Health Hub, a healthtech startup, is focused to bring solutions of the odds in the current practice. “Significant changes are needed for bringing value-based health care services. Good Health is our principal asset. There are enough room in India to start new initiatives. There are enough causes to add values in healthcare services. Our approaches might help to defeat the odds. Let’s bring back values, empathy, authenticity, and quality health services for our society” – Dr. Ghosh said.

Neucrad is launching telemedicine services initially and it is focused to enrich some other type of services (secret sauce) in upcoming years to be competitive in India.

 Dr. Ghosh is forming a new human chain of dreamers and training them the insights of entrepreneurship journey. More than 50 dreamers from different districts of West Bengal are interested to be associated with telemedicine platform as a business partner to provide direct access point of rural people in searching physicians across India. This is the first time when rural people will be trained by the to use telemedicine platform for better health care  

“Starting entrepreneurship journey from scratch is challenging. Stepping one step toward the right direction is promising. Our startup ecosystem for the dreamers (first generation in entrepreneurship journey) is more challenging. You may need to move alone with curiosity, passion, and meaningful execution- said Dr. Ghosh. “I am fortunate enough that I am blessed with so many patrons and well-wishers (neucradians) in social media. I am also being mentored by experienced doctors, founders, and CEOs of different companies. I am also fortunate to having supports from some angels from friends and families”- Said Dr. Ghosh

You can download the app through the link below

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