IIT Hyderabad Summer Biotech internship (SURE) – Apply Now

Applications are invited for Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE) Internships 2024 at IIT Hyderabad as per the details mentioned below. Read the complete details before applying

Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE)

Applications are invited for Summer Undergraduate Research Exposure (SURE) Internships 2024



1. Number of intake:

  • Total 200 interns (50 exclusive for girls only).

2. Amount of fellowship:

  • Rs. 15,000 per intern altogether for 2 months.
  • Rs. 7,500 per month per intern & Rs. 10,000 for one-and-a-half months per intern.
  • Interns can choose one option: one month duration, one and a half month duration, or complete two months duration. No other amount/benefit shall be applicable.

3. Duration:

  • 1-2 months between May and July (Tentative 15.05.2024 to 14.07.2024).
  • Minimum of one month and maximum of two months only.

4. Accommodation and Food:

  • Hostel accommodation provided in IITH student hostels.
  • Mess charges to be borne by the interns.

5. Eligibility:

  • ONLY NON-IIT HYDERABAD STUDENTS with below mentioned eligibility.
  • A. Should be a first year MSc (Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology) OR MA first Year OR the 2nd/3rd Year B.Tech./B.Des.(All branches) OR the 3rd/4th Year Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech. program.
  • B. Applicants should be among the top 20% based on CGPA/% score in all the previous years in his/her discipline in the College/ Institution/University and to be certified by the Head of the Institute/Principal at the time of the application.
  • C. The applicant should be a full-time/regular student at the time of application and till the completion of the internship.
  • D. The applicant should be able to work full time (minimum one month) for the Internship. Part-time/online internship is not allowed.

6. Application Submission:

  • After the deadline, no applications shall be accepted.
  • Applications must be submitted through the web portal only.
  • Offline applications, applications through emails shall not be entertained.

7. Selection Procedure:

  • a. The selection procedure consists of a preliminary screening of applications followed by an interview (online mode) department/mentor faculty wise at the option of the concerned Department.
  • b. Selection may depend upon consistently brilliant academic performance (Relative rank I the class/University), work carried out by the student besides his regular academic work, participation/ recognition in competitions such as Olympiads, National Talent Search Exams, and performance in the interview.

8. Notification of Selection:

  • Selected candidates shall be informed through emails only.
  • Final list of such selected interns shall also be displayed on the website (SRC Office webpage under News/Announcement section).

9. Communication:

  • No separate communication shall be sent to the not selected candidates.

10. Decision:

  • The decision of the IIT Hyderabad authorities shall be final in the selection of the candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
  • No correspondence shall be entertained in this in whatsoever manner.
Announcement inviting applications15.02.2024
Due date for submission online form10.03.2024
Declaration of results (on SRC website)15.04.2024 (Tentative)
Start of the program15.05.2024 (Tentative)

List of Interested Faculty to Mentor the SURE interns

DepartmentName of FacultyResearch Areas
Artificial IntelligenceDr. Konda Reddy MopuriDeep Learning, Computer Vision
Artificial IntelligenceDr. Rekha RajaRobotics, Robot Vision, Deep learning
Artificial IntelligenceDr. Ganesh GhalmeExplainability
Biomedical EngineeringDr. Avinash ErankiUltrasound Imaging, Image Processing, AI in Ultrasound Imaging
Biomedical EngineeringDr. Nagarajan GanapathyComputer vision, AI for multimodal data fusion
Biomedical EngineeringDr. Renu JohnImaging, image processing, AI in imaging and microscopy, medical devices
Biomedical EngineeringDr. Mohd Suhail RizviComputational modeling of physiology and disease
BiotechnologyDr. Ashish MisraCancer genomics and RNA Biology
BiotechnologyDr. Sandipan RayCircadian rhythms and diseases biology
BiotechnologyDr. Gaurav SharmaPlant Microbe interactions using computational Microbiome studies focused on Rhizosphere, Phyllosphere, and Endosphere. Microbial Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Evolution to understand their physiology [current focus on Myxobacteria, Vibrio, Bacillus, Ralstonia, Cyanobacteria].
BiotechnologyDr. G Narahari SastryComputational and bioinformatics
BiotechnologyDr. Anindya RoyDNA repair
BiotechnologyDr. Abhishek SubramanianBioinformatics, Computational biology, systems biology
BiotechnologyDr. Himanshu JOshiBiomolecular Simulation
Chemical EngineeringDr. Vinod JanardhananHigh temperature PEM fuel cells
Chemical EngineeringDr. Debaprasad SheePyrolysis of jet fuel
Chemical EngineeringDr. Saptarshi MajumdarLiquid-Liquid Phase Transitions in Biopolymers
Chemical EngineeringDr. Chandra Shekhar SharmaEnergy Storage, Gas Sensors
Chemical EngineeringDr. Devarai Santhosh KumarSecondary metaboloites from P. Ostreatus, HPLC and Optimization
Chemical EngineeringDr. Kishalay MitraMachine Learning for Energy / Climate Change applications
Chemical EngineeringDr. Mahesh GanesanDeveloping GUI toolkits for soft matter research / synthesis of polymer particles
Chemical EngineeringDr. Ranajit MondalPickering emulsion and foam
Chemical EngineeringDr. Alan Ranjit JacobSynthesis of dual responsive microgels
Chemical EngineeringDr. Suhanya DuraiswamyMicroflow based assembly of plasmonic nanomaterials
Chemical EngineeringDr. Lopamudra GiriFabrication of polymer coated milifluidic-device for protein sensing
Chemical EngineeringDr. Balaji IyerDynamic properties of a sticky interface
Chemical EngineeringDr. Shelaka GuptaMolecular modelling of heterogenous catalyst for biomass upgradation
ChemistryDr. Krishna GavvalaBiophysical chemistry, Fluorescence spectroscopy
ChemistryDr. Tarun K PandaOrganometallic Chemistry, Catalysis
ChemistryDr. Bhabani Shankar MallikComputational chemistry
ChemistryDr. M. AnnadhasanLuminescent materials, Nanophotonics
ChemistryDr. Surendra K MarthaEnergy Storage Materials especially batteries and supercapacitors
ChemistryDr. Abhijit SauOrganic Synthesis and Biomolecular Chemistry
ChemistryDr. Ashutosh Kumar MishraBioorganic chemistry
Civil EngineeringDr. B. Munwar BashaSlope stability analysis using AI/ML techniques
Civil EngineeringDr. Digvijay S. PawarTraffic Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Civil EngineeringDr. Anil AgarwalStructural response in extreme loading conditions
Civil EngineeringDr. MaheswaranHydrological Modelling, climate extremes
Civil EngineeringDr. Suvin P. VenthuruthiyilTransportation Safety, Intelligent Systems, Public Transit, Last Mile, Traffic Flow Theory
Civil EngineeringDr. Shruti UpadhyayaAI/ML for hydrometeorology
Civil EngineeringDr. Ramya MullapudiSustainable pavement materials
Civil EngineeringDr. Ambika SNanomaterials, Pollution & Treatment, Waste to Wealth, Energy, LCA, Sustainability
Civil EngineeringDr. PrithaMicrobial Fuel Cell, Microalgae based wastewater treatment processes, biohydrogen synthesis, Electric vehicles
Civil EngineeringDr. MeenakshiWaste to wealth, Carbon sequestration, sustainablebuiliding materials
Civil EngineeringDr. Satish RegondaFloods, Rains, Climate, Hydrology, Forecasting, Statitical/AI/ML/DL Techniques
Civil EngineeringDr. Debraj BhattacharyyaWastewater treatment using microalgae
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Rameshwar PratapScalable algorithms for Massive Data, Machine Learning, Theoretical Computer Science
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Shirshendu DasComputer Architecture: Non-Volatile Memories and Hardware Security
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Rajesh KediaComputer Architecture, Embedded Systems
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Antony Franklin5G Mobile Networks, Edge Computing, C-V2X
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Nitin SaurabhTheoretical Computer Science. Algorithms and Computational Complexity Theory. Quantum Computing.
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. MaunendraNLP
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Bheemarjuna Reddy TammaCyber security and Extended Reliality
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Praveen TammanaAreas: Systems, Networks, Security, Sub areas: Networked Robotics, Cloud-Native Networking, Software Defined Networks
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. N.R.AravindAlgorithms, Graph theory, graph drawing, social networks
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Sathya PeriDistributed / Federated Machine Learning; Efficient Data Science Algorithms; Efficient Smart Contract Execution; Fault Tolerant Shared Memory Constructions
Computer Science and EngineeringDr. Ramakrishna UpadrastaCompilers and Machine Learning, Compilers for Embedded Software, Compilers for Automative Cars, Code Compliance Software, LLVM and MLIR open source contributions
DesignDr. SrikarAdditive Manufacturing and Built Environment
DesignDr. Ankita RoyUX-UI
DesignDr. DeepakAR/VR or photogrametry or photography or product design
Electrical EngineeringDr. Abhishek KumarVLSI design
Electrical EngineeringDr. Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan6G Communications, Coding Theory, Information Theory
Electrical EngineeringDr. Shashank VatedkaInformation theory, federated learning, communications
Electrical EngineeringDr. Abhinav KumarMachine Learning for 6G, Vehicular networking, Intergrated sensing and communication
Electrical EngineeringDr. Naresh EmaniHardware interfacing using Python, Photonic Integrated Circuits
Electrical EngineeringDr. Rupesh WandhareIoT applications
Electrical EngineeringDr. Shubhadeep BSemiconductor device modelling/Python scripting
Electrical EngineeringDr. Jose TitusSpice simulations of power GaN FETs
Electrical EngineeringDr. Ravikumar BRenewable Energy Integration
Liberal ArtsDr. Neeraj KumarCognitive Science, Learning and Memory, Neuroscience
Liberal ArtsDr. Gaurav DhamijaDevelopment Economics and Applied Microeconometrics
Entrepreneurship and ManagementDr. Lohithaksha M MaiyarSupply Chain Finance
Entrepreneurship and ManagementDr. Nakul ParameswarStartup Management
Entrepreneurship and ManagementDr. Ranapratap MaradanaSupply Chain Finance
Entrepreneurship and ManagementDr. Jayshree PatnaikDesign Thinking, Rural Innovation, Entrepreneurship
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Suhash Ranjan DeyElectrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction through water splitting
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Saswata BhattacharyaPhase field modeling and development of process-microstructure-property relations in materials using deep learning techniques
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. AshokSustainable metallurgy, metal recycling, physical modeling of steelmaking processes, alloy steel development
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Ranjith RamaduraiSmart Materials and Devices / energy materials / Sensors
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Mayur VaidyaOxidation/Diffusion/Alloy Development/High entropy alloys
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Chandrasekhar MurapakaSpintronic device fabrication/characterization
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Bharathigh entropy alloys processing and properties
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Subhradeep ChatterjeeMacro-micro modeling of welding and solidification processing
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Anuj GoyalDeveloping crystal graph neural networks for materials property prediction
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Suresh Kumar GarlapatiSemiconductors, electronic devices, sensors
Materials Science and Metallurgical EngineeringDr. Deepu J BabuCVD synthesis of 2D materials
MathematicsDr. Mrinmoy DattaAlgebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Number Theory
MathematicsDr. G. RameshFunctional Analysis, Operator Theory
MathematicsDr. Neeraj KumarAlgebra: Commutative Ring Theory
MathematicsDr. SayanteeStatistics, Data mining, Bayesian Analysis
MathematicsDr. Venku Naidu DHarmonic Analysis, Functional analysis, Analytic function spaces
MathematicsDr. Deepak Kumar PradhanOperator Theory
MathematicsDr. Dhriti Sundar PatraRiemannian Geometry
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. Debaprasad SheeHeterogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. Suhash Ranjan DeyElectrocatalysts
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. AmbikaSustainability in Pollution/Nanomaterials/Waste to Wealth/Agro-food/Health/Energy/Climate
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. AshokLife cycle and sustainability analysis, Industrial decarbonization (metal and manufacturing sectors)
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. Lohithaksha M MaiyarModelling and Analysis of Sustainable Supply Chains
Greenko School of SustainabilityDr. Debraj BPhytoremediation of wastewater
Climate ChangeDr. Maheswaranapplied mathematics/climate statistics/nonlinear dynamics application in climate
Climate ChangeDr. ShrutiAI/ML for hydrometeorology
Climate ChangeDr. Kishalay MitraAI/ML for Forest Fire
Climate ChangeDr. Satish RegondaFloods, Rains, Climate, Forecasting, Statitical/AI/ML/DL Techniques
Climate ChangeDr. PrithaMicrobial Fuel Cell, Microalgae based wastewater treatment processes, biohydrogen synthesis, Electric vehicles
Climate ChangeDr. AmbikaClimate aspects of Pollution/Nanomaterials/Waste to Wealth/Agro-food Systems/Health/Energy/Sustainability
Climate ChangeDr. Debraj BResource Recovery from Waste and Biomass
Heritage Science and TechnologyDr. Ramakrishna UpadrastaSanskrit and Natural Language Processing (ML based Sandhi and Samasas for Samskritam)
Heritage Science and TechnologyDr. Surendra Nadh SomalaLLMs, Generative AI
Center for Interdisciplinary programDr. Saurabh SandilyaSimulations in Medical Physics
Center for Interdisciplinary programDr. Avinash ErankiUltrasound Imaging, Image Processing, AI in Ultrasound Imaging
Center for Interdisciplinary programDr. Viswanath ChinthapentaSimulations of Sclera: Opthalmology
Center for Interdisciplinary programDr. Prabhat KumarBattery space optimization in an electrical vehicle
Center for Interdisciplinary programDr. RamjiThemo-stress analysis of PCB using finite element analysis
PhysicsDr. Kirit MakwanaPlasma physics
PhysicsDr. Saket AsthanaVarious applications of ferroic materials such as energy storage, electrocaloric, flexible electronics etc
PhysicsDr. Anupam GuptaMathematical Modelling, Biophysics
PhysicsDr. Satish ShindeNanophotonics, Energy materials, Photocatalysis
PhysicsDr. Alok PanQuantum information, cryptography and computation
PhysicsDr. Bhuvanesh RamakrishnaLaser plasma
PhysicsDr. Shantanu DesaiAstrophysical data analyais
PhysicsDr. Atanu RajakNon-equilibrium quantum dynamics, Quantum Thermal Machines
PhysicsDr. Anurag TripathiStudy of Feynman diagrams and Feynman integrals
PhysicsDr. Saranya GhoshExperimental particle physics data analysis
PhysicsDr. Saurabh SandilyaRadiation Detectors
PhysicsDr. Sai Santosh Kumar RaaviExploring Ultrafast Lasers and its applications
PhysicsDr. Jyoti Ranjan MohantyNanomagnetism and 2D materials
PhysicsDr. Mayukh PahariX-ray polarization measurements from Black holes with NASA/IXPE data
PhysicsDr. Mahesh PeddigariRelaxor Ferroelectric films for energy storage
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Badarinath KarriExperimental fluid mechanics,
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. VenkateshamVibration and Acoustics
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Chandra PrakashComputational Solid Mechanics
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Sayak BanerjeeCombustion and Carbon Neutral Fuels
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Sachidananda BeheraComputational Fluid Dynamics
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Anirban NaskarManufacturing Science
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Ranabir DeySoft and active matter
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Viswanath ChinthapentaModelling aspects of Additive Manufacturing
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Karthick S KCompressible fluid flows, high-speed flows, hypersonics, experimental aeroodynamics, energy conversion devices, computational gas dynamics
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Gangadharan RStructural mechanics, Composites
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Pankaj KolheLaser and optical Diagnostics, Experimental Combustion
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. SidhardhMachine learning and finite element simulations
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Ashok Kumar PandeyModeling of acoustic damping in MEMS
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Ashok Kumar PandeyModeling of surface damping in MEMS
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Anurup DattaLaser micromachining
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Prabhat KumarMachine Learning and Topology Optimization
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Prabhat KumarTopology Optimization of Soft Robots/ Acoustic Metamaterial
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Raja Banerjeedrone based sprayer system
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Niranjan GhaisasCFD of small wind turbines
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. RamjiComputational damage mechanics applied to composite structures using FEM, Delamination simulation in Composite under fatigue load
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. PrasanthRobotics, deep learning for robotics
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringDr. Vishnu R UnniDrone Dynamics, Plasma Assisted Combustion

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