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Amazing opportunity offered by IIT Delhi for a prestigious Summer Research Fellowship Programme as per the details below. The students at different engineering institutes except IITs in India or abroad, who are within Top ten ranks in their respective programme/ branch are, eligible to apply.

IIT Delhi has instituted a prestigious Summer Research Fellowship Programme. It provides an opportunity to exceptionally qualified undergraduate students to execute an innovative research and development project under the guidance of IIT Delhi faculty. The students at different engineering institutes except IITs in India or abroad, who are within Top ten ranks in their respective programme/ branch are, eligible to apply.

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About the Fellowship

DurationThe Fellowship work can be done in a period of 8-12 weeks.
SupportThe fellowship will cover the following:
1. Cost of travel (Train-Sleeper class only) within the country, to and from IIT Delhi
2. Stay at IIT Delhi during the visit(s), including boarding and lodging in the Institute hostels
3. Fellowship of Rs. 500/- per week.
The student will register at IIT Delhi as a visiting student; she/he will not be required to pay institute registration fees. The selected fellow will be required to get himself/herself insured against any eventuality for the period stay at this Institute. The student will have to bear the insurance charges.(The insurance should covers accident and accidental death)
EligibilityAny undergraduate student, except student of IITs, who has completed at least 2 years of study towards an engineering degree and is amongst top ten positions in her/his respective programme will be eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Guidelines for Online Application Process

Step 1 : Registration and Login


  1. The candidate must register in order to fill the application form.
  2. To register, choose a valid username. (The system will check for the availability. If not available, choose any other username)
  3. Enter a password and confirm the password in the next field. (Make sure that you remember the username and the password for future use)
  4. Enter a valid e-mail address and re-enter the email id in the next field for confirmation. (Make sure that your e-mail address is correct, as this will be used for any future correspondence)
  5. Enter an alternate e-mail address and confirm this in the next field. (This is not mandatory)
  6. Choose a security question from the list.
  7. Enter a relevant answer to the security question you have chosen (Remember the security question and answer as this will be useful in case, you forget the password)
  8. Enter the Security Key shown below the text box. (This is case sensitive)
  9. Click on ‘Register Me’ to register. (You will be directed to the Login page)


  1. Enter your username and password in the first two fields.
  2. Enter the security key. (This is case sensitive)
  3. Click on Login. You will be directed to the Online Application Form.

(In case, you forget the password, click on ‘Forgot Password’. You will be directed to a page where you are required to enter your ‘username or the email-id given at the time of registration. You will have to select the security question and provide answer (case sensitive) as given by you in the registration details. You are also required to enter the security key given. Once you have entered this information correctly, click on ‘Get Password“ given on the bottom of the page. The password will be shown to you on the screen.)

Step 2 : Online Application Form

Personal Information

  1. Enter your full name. (As registered at your home institution)
  2. Enter your Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY). For accuracy, you may refer to the calendar given on the right side of the field.
  3. Please select your gender (Male/ Female)

Mailing Information

  1. Enter your valid postal address.
  2. Enter you telephone number with STD code. (This is not mandatory)
  3. Enter your mobile number. (This is not mandatory)

Educational Information

  1. Select the name of your institution from the drop-down list. If the name is not in the list, please select “Others” from the bottom and enter the Full name of your Institution in the text box that appear.
    1. Select the degree programme you are pursuing. If your degree programme is not listed, please

select “Others” from the bottom and enter the programme name in the text box that appear.

  • Select the Discipline/ Specialization you are pursuing. If your Discipline/ Specialization is not listed, please select “Others” from the bottom and enter the Discipline/ Specialization name in the text box that appear.
    • Enter your performance (Marks/ CGPA) at the end of 3’d/5°h Semester. Choose the grading type

— Percentage or CGPA. If you choose grading type as CGPA, please make sure that you choose the correct scale (i.e. out of 4, out of 10 etc.)

  • If you choose percentage as grading type, please enter your marks in percentage, upto 2 decimal points.
    • If you choose CGPA as grading type, please enter CGPA on appropriate scale, upto 2 decimal points.
    • Please enter the Rank (position) and the class size (max no of students). The rank should be in

whole discipline/branch in the preceding year/semester.

Research Interest

  1. Mention broad Area of Interest (viz. Computer Science/Nanotechnology/Electronics etc.) in maximum 100 characters.
  2. Enter the Statement of Interest to elaborate the research interest in max 500 characters. Other Academic Achievements
  3. Mention the Academic Achievements such as Awards/ Medals/Competitions won or any other achievement related to academics.
  4. After filling all the above information, please click next. (This will take you to the page where you upload the photograph and the scanned copies of the documents required. Please keep these ready.)

Documents Upload

  1. Select the photograph file to be uploaded. This should be in jpg format and maximum size allowed is 50 KB.
  2. Select the No Objection Certificate file. This should be in PDF format and maximum size allowed is 2 MB.
  3. Select the Rank Certificate file. This should be in PDF format and maximum size allowed is 2 MB.
  4. Select the Marksheet/ Gradesheet file. This should be in PDF format and maximum size allowed is 2 MB.

If you wish to make any changes to the previous information, click ‘Back” and make changes and click “next” to come back to the upload page. Please crosscheck the selected files before uploading and make necessary changes if you want. If everything is in order, please click on ‘Submit’ to finally submit the form. Please note that once you submit the form, you will not be able to make any changes in the information. Also, if you do not submit the form by the last date and time, your application will not be submitted in the database.

Once you submit the application, you will be shown the information as a pdf page. You can save it for future reference. You need not submit the hard copy of the application.

How to apply

ApplicationThe online application form is available at the following link:


The applicant will have to upload the following documents while filling the online form:
1. Photograph (Jpg format, 200×230 pixels, maximum size 100kb)
2. Consolidated Grade Card (Pdf format)
3. Rank Certificate (Pdf format)
4. No Objection Certificate (Pdf format) from the parent institution stating the starting and ending dates for carrying out full time research work at IIT Delhi under the fellowship programme. The uploaded documents should be clear and legible, without which the application is liable to be rejected. The candidate is not required to submit hard copy of the application. However, the selected candidates will have to produce the above original documents at the time of joining.

The Timeline for various activities is as follows

Application DeadlineOnline Application Portal will be open from 27th February, 2024 to 20th March, 2024 (17:00 hours).
Selection ListList of selected students will be displayed by second week of April, 2024 on the website.
Fellowship PeriodThe fellowship can be done during the Institute vacation periods i.e. from 14th May 2024 (Tuesday) to 12th July 2024 (Friday).

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